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Zekiah Tucker, hails from Kansas City, Missouri. With a childhood steeped in the aroma of barbecue, the rhythms of jazz, and the thrill of sports, Zekiah embodies the spirit of his Midwest roots. Seeking new horizons, he ventured to Florida's panhandle in 2022, where the fusion of a beach town and city atmosphere captivated his senses. Zekiah's love for the diverse architectural styles in the area sparked his interest in real estate, a field ingrained in his upbringing.

Driven by dedication and a hunger for growth, Zekiah excelled academically and eagerly embraced work opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills. Now, he brings his passion for building relationships and his affinity for the unique aspects of the real estate market to Spears Group. Zekiah is inspired by the team's unwavering commitment and sees a perfect match between his abilities and the company's culture.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Zekiah finds joy in fitness, music, fashion, and culinary adventures. He delights in exploring new cuisines while traveling and skillfully infuses his personal touch into favorite recipes. As the oldest of four siblings, Zekiah understands the importance of family and carries this value into his client relationships. Moreover, his deep community ties fuel his desire to contribute and nurture growth within his surroundings.

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