Discovering 30A: The South's Best-Kept Secret Beach Playground

Discovering 30A: The South's Best-Kept Secret Beach Playground

  • Jonathan Spears
  • 03/22/24

Nestled along Florida's Emerald Coast, 30A emerges as the South's latest sun-and-surf paradise, captivating travelers seeking a hidden gem away from the crowds. As detailed in a
recent Forbes article, "Many Who Know Florida A To Z Prefer 30A" this 26-mile stretch of coastline boasts 16 Gulf-side towns, including the picturesque Rosemary Beach and Seaside drawing visitors with its accessibility and unparalleled quality.

Jonathan Spears, founder of Spears Group at Compass, highlights the area's easy access via direct flights from major cities and exceptional amenities rivaling those of international beach destinations. Sam Cobb, CEO of ELP Luxury Vacations, underscores 30A's appeal as a prime vacation spot within driving distance of top feeder markets like Nashville and Atlanta. For those enchanted by 30A's beauty, investing in Gulf-front properties becomes irresistible. Spears Group introduces three enticing options: "Sanctuary at Seagrove" in Seagrove Beach, boasting nine bedroom suites and unobstructed Gulf views; "4845 West County Hwy. 30A" in Dune Allen Beach, offering stunning views and an all-concrete construction design; and "8570 East County Hwy. 30A" in Seacrest, featuring a private Gulf-front pool and pristine beach shoreline. Whether seeking a vacation haven or investment opportunity, 30A beckons with its blend of natural beauty, Southern charm, and luxurious living.

As vacationers flock to 30A for its idyllic setting and exclusive offerings, the secret's out: 30A stands as the epitome of coastal luxury and leisure, waiting to be discovered and cherished by all who visit.

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